Giveaway Post #1

Giveaway Post #1

I am going to give away a hardcopy of “The Force” (to be sent on August 28th 2018) and a $20 Amazon gift card. (to be sent with the book)

There will be ways to enter in the next two posts as well, so please stick around and enter as many times as you can.

This way to enter is easy!!!

“The Force” was posted on Amazon with a Pre-Order link on the 4th of July… And today is the first day that I am giving it out to anyone… so you are special.

Here it goes…

To enter the giveaway, please click this Amazon link, hit Pre-Order so you can make sure that ‘The Force” comes to a Kindle near you on August 28th, and post a screenshot of your Pre-Order purchase in the comments of the Facebook page!

That will automatically give you one entry into the giveaway.

The winner will be announced within the 24 hours after my time is over, the winner will be chosen at random, and Facebook is not responsible for prize fulfillment of any kind!

Good luck![0]=68.ARCFrFTh0gWXiekOsSL86mF-Pfd2ts1uhYUuR2xO9z-RU5vliy-rhtXfLpjfz5R9iG9O-Tn137phpjzX7s_qJ188CGzs2jju2rN-6Dpw6wudiHTJ3khhoEqwOg6ZOXigU9T1YdZlSLKI&__tn__=CH-R


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