The Force (The United Trilogy Book 1) 

Through Strength We Unite

When eighteen-year-old Elizabeth (Liz) Towers is abducted mid-WWIII by an underground military made up primarily of children, she with the help of some amazing teens decide to take things into their own hands when the war becomes personal. Together they are forced to put death and destruction behind them to confront the battle that is sure to come.

In the wake of WWIII, what use to be called The United States of America is left broken. The states have been destroyed, government taken over, and military dissolved. Shortly after the war began, The Force, an underground Army who kidnaps children to train as soldiers was formed. It formed in hopes to one day restore the peace and set right all the wrongs that had been committed. In late April 2095, Elizabeth, her twin brother Elious, and sister ShaeLei find themselves abducted by The Force. In the process of becoming ruthless soldiers, they meet some wonderful people including Jake the handsome son of the Captains right hand man. Together, they find out that The Force might not be all they say they are. Can this small group of kids fight the war that was started generations earlier? Will Liz find it in her to be who she needs to be to help them survive? Will she be strong enough?